You should never shy away from self-promotion when it comes to selling your business or product; potential customers want to know that you are just as confident and excited with what you are offering as you expect them to be about your brand.

Below are a few aspects you should be promoting when marketing your small business and how they can help your company grow with time, build a solid reputation, and potentially even sell to a buyer interested in your business.

Your Website

Your company’s website is the centre point of all information and communication you clients have with you, so it’s important to promote it as much as possible. Cultivating a strong ranking in Google through regular blog posts or articles is the most basic way to get your name out there and attract potential clients to your business, however, there is also no shame in promoting your website through other means.

These can include Facebook groups for small business owners that are specifically organized to allow companies to grow their customer base, as well as word of mouth and guest posting on other websites that have a large audience. Getting attention in the most reputable way possible is the best thing you can do for your small business when you are trying to market yourself for future growth.

Your Virtual Data Room

If you feel like your company has grown as much as possible with your own efforts and you are ready to attempt finding a buyer for an M&A, then promoting your secure virtual data room is your best option. It’s important to show to any buyers or investors that you have uploaded all relevant information regarding your business and are accountable by not leaving any details out that might become a problem later on down the line, such as outstanding debt or litigation.

Your Virtual Data Room provider will offer you and other invited users a safe space to review vital information to perform a successful deal and will ensure that the process runs smoothly. Directing interested buyers to your VDR shouldn’t be forgotten when you are in the midst of trying to sell your business.

Your Social Media

Your social media accounts are the simplest way to reach the most people on a personal level. They allow you to communicate without other brands, promote your product via sponsored posts, as well as reply to direct messages from interested clients at any time. Your social media accounts, much like your VDR, should be where clients can turn to in order to verify your reputation and understand your brand’s vision. They should be shared on your website, easy to click through to, so that all your platforms are accessible from one central hub, but also have an identity of their own for the users that prefer certain platforms over others.

This is where contracted employees come in handy and can help you grow your social media presence without all your effort going into managing every platform on your own. They would most likely have more experience in scheduling and writing appealing posts and can help you reach a broader, more engaged audience.

Your Company Events

For a more personal connection to your customer base, promoting any company events on your website or social media platforms is a great way for your clients to get to know you in person and experience your product/ service first hand. These can be master classes, a booth you have at a convention, or a small promotional evening with food and drinks. Whatever it is you think fits your brand, be sure to share it as much as possible so that your customer base can get to know the company on a more personal level and connect with your brand’s message.

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