Since 2012

SecureDocs has made a name for itself in the VDR world by having worked with clients such as Buzzfeed, Asana, and Sonos as a better option than generic data sharing service while still remaining affordable. Thus far they have served 55 countries and claim to provide security, simplicity, and savings with their virtual data room. They offer various security and control features, such as watermarking, an audit log, and two factor authentication, at a flat monthly fee. Unlike Ansarada, whose VDR is designed specifically for M&A transactions, SecureDocs also assists in corporate document storage.While they offer a broader range of services, their features seem to be somewhat lacking compared to other, more notable virtual data room providers.Their permission settings are only group based and their security features are fairly restricted, not allowing users the utmost control over their data. However, they do support unlimited users and documents, have a unique built-in electronic signature, and the ability to preview a document the way another user will view it. Ease of use is often praised when it comes to intricate software and SecureDocs can be seen as providing a sufficient option for those in need of a simple VDR for uncomplicated transactions.
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